A little bit country, a little bit folk. A lot of heart and soul.

Young Love.

Young Love was first brought to a songwriter workshop for critique by Allan Caswell. However, Allan couldn’t find anything objectionable about it and told Mem to hurry up and get into the studio!

Recorded and produced by Roger Corbett (The Bushwhackers), Young Love is the start of something special.

It’s a sweet, upbeat song that captures the excitement and buzz of new love along with the nostalgia of a lifelong connection. It’s about finding joy, with a little bit of fairy floss and a lot of feeling.



Hats Off to Country
19 July | Tamworth City Bowling Club | 4:30pm
20 July | South Tamworth Bowling Club | 1:00pm
20 July | Post Office Hotel | 3:30pm


21 July| Private Event | Christmas in July

26 July | Camperdown Commons | Songwriter Semi-finals |6pm

August 3 | El Gato Band | Illawarra Jazz Club

August 16 | Ilu Ilu, Wollongong | 7:30pm

August 17 | Criterion Hotel, Gundagai | 8:00pm

About MEM

Mem Davis is a captivating singer-songwriter from the coastal city of Wollongong. Her journey to country music took a scenic route, meandering through various professions including naturopathy, doula work, copywriting, editing, and retail management. However, it wasn’t until she embraced her true calling that Mem’s heart truly sang—music and songwriting.

An active member of the Tamworth Songwriters Association, Mem’s transition to the world of country music signifies a heartfelt decision to pursue her passion. Her eclectic background infuses her music with a depth and richness that resonates with audiences far and wide.

In 2024, Mem graduated from the prestigious CMAA Academy, marking a pivotal moment in her burgeoning career. Her talent was further recognised as a top four finalist in the esteemed Radio 2TM Discovered music competition in Tamworth.

Mem’s music encapsulates a fusion of country and folk influences, infused with a heartfelt sincerity that speaks to the soul. Her debut solo single, “Young Love,” released in 2023, served as a poignant introduction to her distinctive sound—a harmonious blend of storytelling and melody.

Mem’s performances have graced renowned stages such as the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Illawarra Folk Festival, and the Jamberoo Music Festival. Beyond the festival circuit, she is a familiar presence in Wollongong’s vibrant music scene, enchanting audiences in intimate venues and at private events.

With a voice that exudes power and vulnerability in equal measure, Mem Davis continues to carve her path in the music industry, weaving melodies that resonate deeply with all who lend her their ears. Through her music, Mem invites listeners on a journey of joy, love, and heartfelt emotion—an invitation that is impossible to resist.


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